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Why waste space here, when a simple google search turns up the wiki pages?

We can observe it. Thoughts ? They tried to keep pushing the mutations but it wouldn’t work. Because both use similar rules, and both can be scientifically proven. Pterodactyls and simple bats don’t have feathers. This is an interesting case because the changes in the two groups are related to their different food choice – their development, maturity, and mating becoming synchronized with the different ripening time of one fruit or the other, causing the two groups to become both developmentally and genetically different, and sexually incompatible with one another, despite sharing the same general geographical region.

Originally Posted by silents429 I didn’t respond to day ;-;My Grandpa had heart surgery, spent time with him.I’ll be perfectly honest, the information I got from this is a bit overwhelming, I am actually worried I might take something out of context, I think it will help if I take his response apart into pieces and respond to each of those hopefully. Good luck and hope your grandfather has a speedy recovery. [Read more →]